Thursday, September 22, 2011

It’s Gettin’ Hot Out Here, So Take Off All Your...

...nice clothes, put on your old rags and get ready to get pickin'!  

It’s been hot for 3 days now.  For a long time it was chilly or at least mildly cool in the mornings, hot around noon, and then cool again already by the time work let out in the early evening. For about a week before this current hot spell, it was incontrovertibly cold. A friend and I spoke about how we were suddenly starting to feel the hibernating instinct coming on, and begrudgingly so, as neither of us felt we had suffered nearly enough of what was supposed to be Napa Valley summers’ insufferable heat.

But things are heating up again. Joe, our assistant winemaker, was talking today about the ‘tsunami’ of grapes he was sure would be coming soon. (Tsunami here referring to a relatively fortunate natural ‘onslaught’/inpouring of ripe grapes, for which ultimately we are grateful, however chaotic and stressful it might feel in the moment. N.B. I wish to express my sincere compassion for those that recently suffered the catastrophic tsunami of wind, water, and destruction in Japan.)

So anyway, the point is it might get crazy around here soon if it stays hot and all the grapes ripen at the same time. Stay tuned. Let’s just hope the heat doesn’t spike so suddenly that we lose more crop in addition to what was lost in late spring rains. There could be a wine drought!!  Just kidding, don’t panic yet. I’ll keep you posted. And anyway, we’re Americans. We’re problem solvers and innovative thinkers. We always find a way to get what we want!


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